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About Canadian Artist Brandy Saturley

Brandy Saturley is an award-winning Canadian artist, painter and photographer, who currently lives and works on Vancouver Island, just outside of Victoria BC. Over the past two decades. Saturley has exhibited with numerous galleries and fairs in North America and in many corporate venues across Canada. In 2014, Saturley was shortlisted for the IOC Olympic Trophy in Sport & Art and in 2016 her work was purchased by the Colart Collection (Larry Rossy Trust) in Montreal, Quebec. 

Known as the painter of ‘Canadianisms’, and for ‘The Goalies Mask Painting’,  the Symbolic paintings of Canadian artist Brandy Saturley bear more affinity to pop realism than to photo realism.  Her “Canadianisms” series has toured Canada-wide, and has garnered the Canadian artist notoriety as the voice of Canadian Pop Art.

Saturley has worked with many corporate organizations to provide art, including; Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, Reader's Digest, Blue Ant Media (Cottage Life) She has also licensed images of her work to many fine products, brands and charitable organizations including; ThinOptics Inc., BC Chidren's Hospital, Island Art Publishers, Vancouver Symphony and Lethbridge Symphony.

Her work has been featured in numerous publications and media over the years including; Forbes, Whitehot Magazine NYC, Reader's Digest, CityTV, AllHabs Hockey Magazine, Sportsnet, SHAW TV, and CBC Arts.

Canadian artist Brandy Saturley on her BOX SETS

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