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The Hockey Offering: Mask of a Warrior

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The HOCKEY OFFERING - Painting #8: 

The Target Mask, and the Montreal Canadiens.

A limited edition release of original Canadian paintings that share the common theme of ice hockey, shipped to you in hand painted wooden art crates. 

A very original way, to collect Canadian Art by celebrated Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. An original painting on the finest cotton canvas, honouring and celebrating the indomitable spirit of ice hockey. 

More about the painting;

Tribe Called Canadiens:

With this piece, ‘Tribe Called Canadiens’, my intent is to express the feeling of working up to a moment, much like my anticipation of the new hockey season and of a new painting. This painting is bold and energetic, the foreground details realistic, with the background more simplified and graphic. A graphic pop realism style, detailing mask, feathers, maple leaf, and net.

I chose to focus on the ‘tribe’ aspect of brotherhood, unity and preparations for the coming hockey season. To me the Habs are a tribe and the fans of the Habs are part of this tribe and the energy and enthusiasm of these tribes, banding together to propel a hockey team forward, are contagious. Above capturing the electric energy through the use of colour and dynamic lines, drawing your eyes to the focal point of the mask, I have made subtle references to the game and team. In some ways the lines come together to create the goalie’s hockey net, the emblazoned yellow maple leaf signifying Autumn, flight, energy. The eye sockets of the mask showing the iconic H (in gold leaf) and a red-rimmed C of the team logo. The mask is of course the iconic 'target mask' as worn by goaltender Ken Dryden. A pretty bold move to paint a target on your mask and taunt your opponents to hit the bulls-eye on your face. You might say the signature of a warrior.

The piece is about honor, homage and legacy. It is about pride.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity showing value and includes an exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.



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