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The Hockey Offering: The Iconic Number Nine in Canadian Art

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The HOCKEY OFFERING - Painting #1: The Number Nine in Gold

We guarantee you have never collected art this way, something to talk about for generations to come. A limited edition release of original Canadian paintings that share the common theme of ice hockey, shipped to you in hand painted wooden art crates. 

A very original way, to collect Canadian Art by celebrated Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. An original painting on the finest cotton canvas, honouring and celebrating the indomitable spirit of ice hockey. 

More about the painting;

The Number Nine in Gold: at the center of this painting a gilded gold number nine is depicted, painted in a font style that is reminiscent of an ice hockey jersey. In the background we can see fans wearing jerseys cheering, waving the Canadian flag. There is also a masked hockey player. There are many layers to this painting, we see the shape of a floating maple leaf, we can make out letters that begin to spell Canada. Floating images of crossed hockey sticks, like that seen during face-off, and round hockey-puck like shapes floating over the number nine. 

The palette colours of the piece range from gold to blue-line blue and Canadian flag red. This painting has dimension and offers something new to be found each time you gaze upon it, hanging on your wall. This painting offers many opportunities for discussion and engaging conversation with guests. It is a painting you must let wash over you. 

Perhaps you connect with the number nine, it's significance can be observed in many cultures. In hockey, the number nine is the most star-worn number and therefore a superstitious number for those who play or love the game. Worn by greats such as Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Wayne Gretzky, Glenn Anderson, and Bobby Hull.

This is truly a painting that speaks to the love of the game of hockey and honours Canada's rich history in the National Hockey League.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity showing value and includes an exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.



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