The Art of Brandy Saturley

The Hockey Offering: Skaters, Tim Horton's & Lake Louise

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The HOCKEY OFFERING - Painting #6: 

What if Andy Warhol painted Canada?

A limited edition release of original Canadian paintings that share the common theme of ice hockey, shipped to you in hand painted wooden art crates. 

A very original way, to collect Canadian Art by celebrated Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. An original painting on the finest cotton canvas, honouring and celebrating the indomitable spirit of ice hockey. 

More about the painting;

Andy Warhol Does Canada: do you know the famous American artist, Andy Warhol? Do you remember those images of Campbell's Soup Cans, screen-printed images of various cans displayed row upon row? I started thinking, what if Warhol visited Canada, and Lake Louise? What would he choose to paint, what would be his choice for a relatable, widely purchased consumer product. What product of society would he choose to elevate to super-stardom? What would he give power to?

I also thought of the song written by Canadian Rock God, Burton Cummings, and the song he wrote and sang as Gordon Lightfoot. I think it was 'Gordon Lightfoot Does Maggie May' - well this is 'Andy Warhol Does Canada'.

The Voice of Canadian Pop Art - Andy Warhol Does Canada

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity showing value and includes an exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.



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