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The Hockey Offering: Goalie Mask on A Postage Stamp

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The HOCKEY OFFERING - Painting #4: 

A famous Edmonton goal tenders mask over a Canadian postage stamp. 

A limited edition release of original Canadian paintings that share the common theme of ice hockey, shipped to you in hand painted wooden art crates. 

A very original way, to collect Canadian Art by celebrated Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. An original painting on the finest cotton canvas, honouring and celebrating the indomitable spirit of ice hockey.

More about the painting;

Stamped in Goal: we see a mask laying on top or hovering over fabric. The fabric has a sheen like satin or like a polyester hockey jersey. There are stripes of orange, and hues and tones of blue, from ocean to navy. The mask is mostly white and has markings of orange and blue, it could be the face of a clown or modern art character, in any case it is a mask.

Around the edges there are marks and white curves or scalloped edges, like a postage stamp, when you tear it from a pack of stamps. There is text in the upper left corner, it says, 'Canada'. There is also text in the lower right corner, it has the number 28.

The Edmonton Oilers have team colours of blue and orange and the mask was that of goal tender, Dave Dryden. His jersey number, 28 - the same number as painted on this painting of his mask on a Canada Post postage stamp.

This truly is a painting that speaks to the love of the game of hockey and honours Canada's rich history in the National Hockey League.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity showing value and includes an exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.



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