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The Hockey Offering: Fear Before Glory Olympic Hockey

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The HOCKEY OFFERING - Painting #2: Fear Before Glory

A very original way, to collect Canadian Art by celebrated Canadian artist, Brandy Saturley. An original painting on the finest cotton canvas, honouring and celebrating the indomitable spirit of ice hockey. 

About the painting; A goal tender with a Canadian Maple Leaf on his helmet, a woman whispering on his left, and a male fan wearing a toque, cheering him on his right. Snow capped mountain range in the background of icy blues, As evening falls a haze of warm to cool tones rises from the peaks. The light of the setting sun, now behind the mountains casts funnels of light into the sky. The hills below bathed in tones of gold against hues of purple. The dead pan stare of the central goal tender, like a shark, no light found within those eyes.

The composition reminiscent of the iconic Canadian flag, with maple leaf at centre and figures flanking either side of the mountain range. 

Perhaps the woman is Russian, with her hat of fur and red leather gloves, perhaps the man is a Canadian fan. Perhaps the goal tender a Canuck as his colours of blue and green suggest an affiliation.

Perhaps this painting speaks to a specific moment in Canadian sport history, like the 2014 Olympic Game sin Sochi, Russia.

This truly is a painting that speaks to the love of the game of hockey, and honours Canada's rich history in the National Hockey League.

The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity showing value and includes an exhibition catalogue signed by the artist.



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